What To Look For In A Used Car

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What to Look for in a Used Car

No matter if you’re a first-time car buyer embarking on the process for the first time or you’re hoping to trade in your current vehicle for something different, our car dealerships near Augusta, ME, are here to help. There’s much to consider as you look for the best used car for your lifestyle and budget. We recommend taking four main factors into account: price, mileage, condition and features. How much you focus on each factor depends on your personal needs and preferences.


If you want to buy a used car with cash and have a strict budget, getting a great deal may be your priority. You should check the current market value and Kelley Blue Book estimate for the specific make and model you’re looking for. That will provide you with context when comparing used car prices. Don’t forget to factor the vehicle registration fee and auto insurance premium into your budget!


Are you looking for a short-term transportation solution or a commuter car you want to drive for years to come? These factors are important when you’re checking out the mileage on used cars for sale in Maine. The maximum mileage for cars depends on the make, model and maintenance, so there’s no magic number to look for.


When you come test-drive a pre-owned vehicle at our Waterville car dealership, make sure you check out the exterior and interior condition of each model. You don’t want to buy a vehicle only to discover there’s a dent or interior stain that you didn’t notice at the time of sale. We will provide a vehicle history report whenever possible!


Some shoppers know exactly what they want in a vehicle. You may have a specific make, model, body style, exterior color, engine size, seating material or infotainment features that you’re not willing to go without. Let the Central Maine Motors Auto Group team know the specific amenities you’re searching for and we’ll ensure you get the keys to your dream car.