Maine Car Seat Check

Safe Kids Maine is now offering appointments at Central Maine Motors! Appointments are not required but will be strongly recommended. October was their first full month accepting appointments and it was very successful. Appointments offer the following benefits:

Benefits for the parents/caregivers:
  • Less wait time for the inspection to begin

  • Guaranteed service with no chance of being turned away at a busy event

  • Dedicated time slot to spend time answering their questions and ensuring that they are confident transporting their children safely and correctly

  • Email reminders sent the day before their scheduled appointment

  • Receive additional information to identify incompatibilities or missing information prior to arrival at the event

Benefits for the program:
  • Better management of activity flow of the event, especially in locations with limited space

  • Ability to accurately staff events according to demand

  • Ability to anticipate unique or challenging situations before they arrive

  • Ability to send 'thank you' emails to participants following the event

  • Ability to notify appointments with any changes in the event due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances

  • Safer management of traffic by staggering arrivals

  • Ability to assign specific technicians to situations in which they are more experienced
Statistics show that the vast majority of parents and caregivers who attend the events plan ahead; they do not drive by, see the signs, and decide to stop. While the events are still overstaffed to accommodate those vehicles that do arrive without an appointment, we are encouraging families to schedule an appointment by directing them to our website,
Thank you for your continued support!

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